Operating Entities

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Asian Development Group LLC – Shanghai, China

As Geltmore subsidiary investment, this entity maintained a presence and Representative Office in Shanghai from June 2004 to May 2008. ADG still has a significant investment in China with its founders investment in Dash Brands which has the franchise rights for Subway Sandwich shops, Domino's Pizza, Gloria Jean Coffee and Boost Juice in Shanghai and the provinces of Jiagnsu and Zhezhuang.

La Plata Ranch - Farmington, NM

With the strong economy of Farmington, NM, local experts cite lack of available workforce housing as a major obstacle economic development. Geltmore, in partnership with several other NM entities have come together to solve that problem. This 260 acre development features 174,000 sf of retail, six different housing products (townhouse to high end view lots) and an elementary school/apartment site all put together in an expertly master planned community. The community is located on a beautiful, gently sloping area between the La Plata River and the Bluffs to the east in the northwest quadrant of the city.

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